Week 18 Update

As I thought, I got the call I am being changed. I’ve loved La Tinta, my companion Elder Gonzalez, and these people more than anything but I’m happy to be getting a change nevertheless. I am being changed to another area in the Polochic Valley, Tucuru, about an hour away from La Tinta. It’s the first area in the Polochic as you´re coming from Coban. I will be cleaning the area (when a new set of missionaries comes in) with a Gringo companion named Elder North. I have yet to meet him, but I’m sure it will be a great change with him. He ends his mission this change, so he knows a lot and hopefully I can learn a lot from him. I’ll still be in the same district with my last area and some of the missionaries I’ve gotten close with, so that is pretty cool. I am excited to start this next stage of the mission. Also, as of today I have completed my training, no longer a little trainee. It was weird packing my bags last night. It was deja vu like crazy from when I was packing them to come to Guatemala. I should get used to it though, I’m sure I’ll be packing them quite a few more times before the mission is through. Anyway, I had a great week, taught my last English class in La Tinta, got chased by angry cows and saw some amazing sights here in the Polochic. I move to Tucuru tomorrow and I’ll let you all know how it is next week.

Love you all.

Elder Carter McEntee


One comment

  1. Dian Robinson · October 14, 2015

    So good to read your email. This will be great new experience for you with a new companion.
    Grandpa and I just returned from Newport Beach California. We stayed in our Marriott for 10 days. Had a lot of R&R and walked down to the beach with my brother Greg. He came and spent a couple of days with us.
    We also went to the Newport Temple. It was such a sweet experience. General Conference was so touching.
    So many good talks. Elder Renland, one of the new Apostles is a good friend of ours. The story I told at your
    farewell about exact obedience, when he was in medical school, and his instructor told him he didn’t have to wear gloves, he ended up dying of aids. Anyway, they are both wonderful people. We so miss those who have passed on,
    but their memories and messages will live forever.
    Carter, we love you and know you are in the right place at the right time. How blessed we all are with your missionary experiences.
    You are a treasure. I love you with all my heart,
    Grammy Di


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