Week 17 Update

First things first, my Sister, Kaprice, just turned 16 this week! That’s an insane thought. Hope you had a great Birthday Kaprice! I can clearly remember when I was 16 which really puts time in perspective. She can officially date now… the boys have been lining up for years, good luck Dad.

We have officially entered the month of October and we all know October-New Years is the best time of the year right?! I mean with all the Holidays and stuff, not to mention my B-Day. So hey everybody, enjoy these next few months, they´re good times. Nothing will really change herein Guatemala (ya know like no season change or holidays) but thinking of it back home and all of you makes me happy.

Something awesome happened this week. I got an early Birthday Package from my favorite person in the world! I´m not even going to begin describing what was inside, just imagine opening a box to see sunshine and rainbows spewing out. Ya, that would be about accurate. Safe to say I had a great week (aside from fighting off just a couple parasites). And for all those judging right now for me not waiting until my actual B-Day to open it I have one thing to say: You try being in the middle of nowhere and staring at a box with your name on it. Haha, it made for good times and a little party at the end of a long tough day of work.

Of course I´m not forgetting to mention GENERAL CONFERENCE! Wasn’t it great!? It always is but wow I´m excited to read the talks over again! It was weird watching it in a church where 3 languages were being broadcast. In the past I would have been watching it at home, with a big blanket on the couch, gorging myself with a decked out waffle or homemade cinnamon rolls my mom had just made. I love hearing the words of the living Prophet of God and the 12 Apostles in any environment, but I will say, if I had the choice I´d go for the couch and waffle combination. But really, jokes aside, it was a great experience to be here and see some of these people listen to the Prophet for the first time.

This weekend I´ll be finding out if I have a change, so I’m getting a bit anxious to hear. I´ll let you know next week everyone, have a great week!


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