Week 16 Update

I´m falling in love with tortillas. The corn tortillas we are served with literally every meal get better every day. It’s a good thing and a bad thing though. Good because the people here eat them with everything and since I´ll be living in this culture for the next 20 months I guess it’s a good thing I like their food. Bad because I like them so much I eat even more than the Latinos (which is saying something), and the thing is, if I keep it up I´m going to have a tortilla belly in no time…NOOOO

We had Multi-Zone Conference this week up in Senahu. Senahu is about an hour or two bus ride up into the mountains from where I am at in La Tinta. They just built/remodeled the church building up there and it is so nice, who knew they built 2-story church buildings! It’s Massive! A Perfect place for all the missionaries in the Polochic to get together. The conference was great and I always enjoy seeing President and Hermana Curtis! The theme was repentance, we were instructed on how to better teach this principle ourselves and how to apply it better in our own lives. Yes, even missionaries need to repent, we’re not perfect either! We need to repent daily in fact, all of us in this world make mistakes constantly, we all have need to use that gift which is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It’s especially important for missionaries. If we as missionaries want to have the ability to teach with power and authority then we must be worthy of our other companion, The Holy Ghost. And the way to do that is through constant repentance. I will forever be immeasurably grateful to our Savior for His atoning sacrifice and the opportunity to become worthy again and again through His grace and mercy.

It was a great conference and pretty fun to see all of the Polochic missionaries, I´m still getting to know people but as far as I can tell I would be excited to be companions with pretty each one of them.

Elder Gonzalez and I experienced quite the hike this week. There’s this mountain tip that looks over all of La Tinta and really a good portion of the Polochic Valley. There’s also this member, Israel, who is leaving on his mission in Honduras this week. We´ve taken him with us a number of times to have lessons with a member present. He has been a great asset to us. He’s been wanting to take us on this hike and this was the last possible opportunity, so on Friday we went. To reach the top was physically demanding to say the least but the view from the top was easily in the top 10 most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Pictures just don’t do it justice. On the way up Israel showed us into a hidden cave. We followed him in and after over-coming my heart-attack caused by the two giant bats that skimmed my head as they flew out he showed us a sacrificial rock(alter) in the middle of the cave. He says the Catholics here will come up to this cave and perform sacrifices…human sacrifices.

I’m making daily strides in Spanish, which is encouraging. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn Spanish, nevertheless, its not what I’m focusing on, I only study Kekchi. The Spanish is just coming naturally, with the help of my companion of course, and a little trial and error. But I´ll say it again, its not what I’m focusing on, its not what I’m putting my efforts into, I actually don’t think I’ve studied it since I left the MTC. If I want to make a difference here or in my mission in general I need Kekchi, I need to be good at it, and I plan on being the best. That being said I am constantly flipping through my grammar books and taking notes like a Mad Man. I’m loving this language.

My Eb´ Li Bích (Hymn Book) is probably one of my favorite things. I love singing these Kekchi Hymns, sometimes we might even sing up to 3 or 4 hymns in a lesson just because the people love it and boy is it a great way to invite the Holy Ghost into the lesson.

That’s all I got this week! Love You All!



  1. Dian Robinson · September 28, 2015

    Carter, it is so nice to hear of your experiences. It is not easy sometimes to have a positive attitude, but you are amazing. You capture the best there is with exceptional experiences and circumstances. We are doing well.
    We are leaving for Newport Beach on Saturday. Can’t wait to hear General Conference this weekend.
    Cal and Ann are coming down for a few days and join us. Grandma Winget is doing well. He loves to read your posts.
    I prepared and gave my Relief Society Lesson yesterday on the Pres. Ezra Taft Benson’s General Conference talk many years ago, How to Avoid Pride, the Antidote is Humility. I prepared pill bottles and printed off labels with the steps to follow to have Humility.
    We love you our wonderful Carter. We pray for you morning, night and inbetween.
    You are such a source of love and light. Continue to stay close. Love you Carter,
    Grammy Di.


  2. Bill Hartsell · October 4, 2015

    You may have heard about your Dad’s new calling. I’m excited to serve with him! Your service is already bringing direct blessings to your family. In the eternities, you will see how immeasurable these blessings are. I give you a challenge to memorize (in any language) D&C 121:34-46! Internalize it, know what every word means, and put it into action. Much love and prayers, Bro. Hartsell


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