Week 15 Update

This has been the fastest week of the mission so far! Probably because we did divisions with Santo Domingo Wednesday and Thursday. Divisions is when you switch companions for a day or two. So, I went up to Santo Domingo which is about 30 minutes up the mountain in the back of a pick-up truck. The Elder I was with, Elder Toolson, has been out even less time than I have. That being said, we are both still in the process of learning Kekchi and can’t teach without our companions. Nevertheless we by some miracle made it through two lessons with what we do know! During my time in Santo Domingo I locked us in their room in the back of the church and taught him all the Kekchi I know. Being a teacher helped me learn more than I think I taught him, it was a cool experience to teach and solidify some of what I’ve learned.

A few of us missionaries got together this week and burnt a shirt for Elder Helton´s one year mark! We had a good time and bought a nice cake, which was quickly devoured. Nothing too new this week in La Tinta. We discover and explore our area more each day and are finding more people that want to learn the gospel! Hard work is the only way to have success and boy are we working hard! Hopefully we´ll have a few more of our investigators baptized by the end of this change. It’s awesome to be part of such a divine work, I’m thankful for this opportunity every day.

Laj Kánte´


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  1. Dian Robinson · September 21, 2015

    Oops, Lost my last comment!!! I was sharing with you about our meetings at the National Son’s of Utah Pioneeer
    Convention. Janice Kapp Perry, who has written over 200 primary songs for the church, some more of her songs are I’m Trying to Be like Jesus, I Love to See the Temple, Where is Heaven, I”m tTrying to be Like Jesus. Then Saturday’s luncheon, Lloyd Newell, who gives the inspirational message at Tabernacle Broadcast each Sunday for 30 minutes, spoke and shared some beautiful, inspirational messages, one which talked about the Artist wildlife artist John James Autubon. He reminds me of you and your talent drawing animals and fish.(and beautiful trees) He spent many years of his life drawing . Audubon was blessed with exceptional talent, but without his strength of character and his flair for showmanship, he would not have achieved greatness. After many years of sketching birds, he left for a a length time, probably a few years, and left his mass of bird drawings with trusted relative. Upon his return he was devastated to find rats had chewed up all his drawings. He was devastated. It took him a few days to look at even a small bit of optimism. It is said he took his pad and walked outside to start sketching again, and made the comment, something like, “had this not happened to me, I would not have gone onto sketch my most beautiful collection of birds.”
    What an attitude worth emulating. Anyway, Carter, we love you so tenderly. We are deeply in grateful for your sacrifices. We feel we are blessed because of your example to us. We love you dearly. Grandpa sends his love.
    I’ll write more later!!! Grammy Di.


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