Week 14 Update

A year ago I had already started college in Hawaii and it feels like it was just yesterday. In just this last year I have made countless memories and friends, learned more than I thought was humanly possible, and experienced change in every aspect of my life. Its been a roller coaster. Its also been the best year of my life (minus the MTC). I’m headed into the 15th week of my mission….wow, that flew by! If I close my eyes it almost feels like nothing changed at all (but then I open them again and I’m in Guatemala soooo ya). Time is such a weird thing! I’m loving my mission (most days), there is not one day I regret getting on that plane. Even when the days are long or it just seems like nobody cares what we have to say and the doubts start to creep in. It’s easy to remember why I’m out here. I’m here because I love my Savior, because I want to become who He wants me to be, and because my brothers and sisters here in Guatemala need this gospel.
Want to know whats completely weird!? Having 3 languages bouncing around your head all day! That is definitely not something I had ever anticipated to experience. Thinking and writing home in English, talking to my companion and reading in Spanish, and then studying and speaking to everyone else in Kekchi. Had not really thought about it until now but that’s pretty weird huh? Language is an awesome, crazy, frustrating thing. Learning new languages is a constant wrestling match with your mind as you try to stuff it all in there. I can say, I have learned more about English than I ever have! As I try to teach my companion and as I am constantly studying the grammar of two other languages I have multiple “AH-HA!” moments concerning the English language! Oh did I mention I teach English class at the church every Friday night! Its pretty fun, about 10 to 20 people show up but I think its just because they want to play soccer after, but still I enjoy it.
I love you all, thanks for all the support, you´re all awesome! Thanks for reading my random thoughts and sharing this mission experience with me. If you have any specific questions, write me…. or you know you can also write me if you’re just feeling it, or if you’re super bored, you get the picture. Letters makes my day (when I get mail once a month…). And if you´re reading this and are wondering if this applies to you…. IT DOES, k cool, ´til next week.

Love, Elder McEntee


One comment

  1. JerriLynn · September 21, 2015

    Amazing to hear your experiences. It is interesting how quickly time flies. Love hearing that you are learning 2 other languages. Learning languages will be a blessing. And yes, the people there need you. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your life there.
    JerriLynn Woolley


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