Week 8 – What a humbling thing it is….

It’s difficult to decide what to write when there is so much to say. I’ll just start writing and we’ll see what we have, hows that? Okay cool. Things are well in the Polochic. We are really making some good progress with a lot of our investigators. We’ve got some baptisms lined up and people are coming to church!

The People here are so ready for the Gospel. Its exciting finding those that have been prepared by the hand of the Lord to hear His word, and seeing first hand the great change in their lives.

What a humbling thing it is to be invited into these peoples homes. Everyone lets us in. Most of the time it seems like they barely have enough to get by, but without fail we are given a drink every time. No matter what it is we drink it, all of it. I’ve mentioned to my companions, its like playing Russian Roulette at these peoples houses with the drinks we are given.

Each day becomes more exciting and enjoyable as I can understand more of the language(s). And as of today I will really need to step up my studies in Q’eqchi’ since we (Elder Gonzales and I) are dropping off our companion Elder Taylor in Coban today. Yep, we’ve been together a month and now its time for him to go home, he’s finished his mission.

It was nice having someone to speak English to while it lasted. I would have been so lost this first month, getting used to things, with my shaky Spanish and Zero knowledge of Kekchi. So thank you Elder Taylor, and sorry for the hundreds of times you heard me ask something like “soooo what’d they say?” “What just happened?” “Whats this mean?”. You’re one patient guy, an awesome missionary, and a kekchi master. See you when I get home, Farewell Laj Tzu’u’uj.

Its going to be different, just Elder Gonzales (Laj Saqb’in) and I. He’s a great companion as well though so it should be a good time and we’re ready to keep working hard in La Tinta.

I’m going to keep on trying to be the best missionary I can. I know I will have success… President Lorenzo Snow said “There is no mortal man interested in the success of an Elder when he is preaching the Gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children.”

Its impossible to fail on the Lords errand, and what a blessing it is to reprtesent Him, preaching to my brothers and sisters here in the Polochic. I love these people so much already, I know I’m where I need to be.

I testify that this church is true. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us and that His Son Jesus Christ lives, that He is my Savior. Sa’ lix k’ab’a li Jusukristo, Amen.



One comment

  1. JerriLynn · August 17, 2015

    Thanks Elder McEntee for the amazing testimony and insight into these people’s lives. it is so awesome to see how humble they are, and therefore teachable. What a blessing that you are learning the language and are more able to understand them, but also to have had Elder Taylor there for you for the first month. The Lord does bless us and I appreciated the wonderful quote by Pres. Snow. Awesome.


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