Week 7 – Power of Fasting

My Companions and I did a 24hr fast for our investigators, that they would be able to find a way to make it to church. Its tough for the ones that live across the Polochik River in Puente Viejo because its almost an hour walk to town and they all have little kids. So we prayed and fasted for them. We got to church and at first we didnt see any of our investigators, so we we were discouraged but then we turned around and there was one of our investigators with her baby! We were so happy that just one of our investigators had come! Throughout sacrament meeting we kept noticing less active members that we had been visiting had come as well!

After sacrament as my companions and I were heading to teach a sunday school class, a whole family of 5 walked in the church, OUR INVESTIGATORS from Puenta Viejo! It was an amazing feeling to see such a miracle, and I know it was because our fasting, prayer and obedience that they were able to come to church.

The power of fasting is real, I know it. I see miracles everyday, but to see our specific fast and prayer answered was a true testimony builder.

Also I earned my Q´eqchi´ name plaque this week! I had to bear my testimony in the language during district meeting. So, I’m an official Polochik Elder now.

See ya, I’ll check back in soon. Back to Work.



  1. Jess Wilson · August 4, 2015

    Elder McEntee,
    What a wonderful testimony of fasting and prayer! It is so exciting when you get to see the Gospel in action. So many people will be affected by your work with them and they will always remember you as you have brought them the Gospel. We had a miracle as well today as we have been fasting & praying our son, Jordan would be able to adopt this young baby. In order to do that, the parents had to give up their rights. They are drug addicts and at first did not want to give up their rights to the baby, but today as they came to court, they realized what was best for the baby and signed off. Now the adoption can go forward. He is a wonderful little boy and will have a great gospel centered home. I have seen fasting and prayer work many times and I can see you have become a believer. God bless you in the work!
    Love, Brother Jess Wilson


  2. Dian Robinson · August 5, 2015

    My dearest Carter, The power of prayer and fasting is certainly real. Your Priesthood power and dedication will not only pray investigators into the church with direction from the Holy Ghost, and will be a force for good in the lives I those who are striving to live the gospel as well.
    Carter, please know our love and prayers go with you. What a miracle it is you are already picking up the language.
    I am wondering if you have a vehicle, or if this is a walking mission.
    Thanks for the photos last week. Gives us a feel for what your area and flat look like. We were afraid you may be sleeping on a cot!!
    To think you are the last of American missionaries to serve there is incredible. You will have stories to share with all of us when you return, as well as with your own children as they grow up. This life-changing experience is not easy,
    but you will cherish these memories for the rest of your life.
    Grandpa Bunk and I love Carter. You’re at the right place at the right time, and all who read your emails are edified.
    All my love,
    Grammy Di


  3. JerriLynn woolley · August 5, 2015

    Dear Elder McEntee
    What a wonderful testimony of the power of fasting! Thank you for sharing that with us!! Your faith and testimony are strengthened while you strengthen ours as well. Love The Woolleys


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