I’m making progress

Hey everyone, sorry its been a little bit. I’ve been busier than ever. It’s Preparation Day, so I have some time to update you all. Well here is a few things I’ve learned in the last three weeks: It actually is possible to wake up at 6:30 every morning, its strange how the days go by like weeks and the weeks go by like days, and I never thought it was possible to learn so fast. Believe it or not but I can more or less hold a shallow conversation with a Latino, I can take you to a scripture in a second that would help answer any question, but most importantly I can bare my testimony in this new language.

I’m not 100% fluent or even that decent at Spanish but I’m getting better, I’m making progress. I know that anything I’ve accomplished so far is no testament of my own ability or wit, but rather something that has strengthened my testimony in my Savior Jesus Christ. It has been through asking in faith for help (D&C 8:10) asking God for help and putting in the study and work to show my faith. Because we know from James 2:17,18, that Faith without works is dead. I have much to learn, so in that perspective I am glad to be in the Missionary Training Center for three more weeks, but what I really am looking forward to is finally going up to Coban and start this Marvelous work.

I’m sending you guys some letters today hope they get there soonish. Do you think you could send some black Nike socks, another pair of my shorts and the rest of my ties, it’s a big deal to trade ties in this MTC.

Also guess what…. I’m Zone leader now! Out of over a 100 people here there are two zones and I’m zone leader for Zone A. I also gave a Spanish talk in sacrament this week. I killed it.

Love Elder McEntee



  1. Dian W. Robinson · June 30, 2015

    Thanks so much. He is such a wonderful young man. Love him so.


  2. Dian W. Rlobinson · July 11, 2015

    We love you Carter. What an incredible young man you are. Saw your parents last week and had a wonderful time.
    We stayed at Inn At Otter Crest with Cal and Ann. We are praying for you.

    Grandpa Winget wants to follow your blogs. I have emailed them onto him. Hopefully, we can get him signed up.
    Love you. Grammy Di


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