Went to the Temple

Hope you’re all doing great. I’m doing great! These computers are missing some keys and I’m not a fast typer, so the time limit is stressful and it’s safe to say this 50 minutes is the most stressful of the week. This place is pretty tight with rules and we barely have any free time, but the President is great. My room looks out directly to the temple. I sleep on the bottom bunk. Now I’m in a companionship of three because one elder got sent home for worthiness issues. We went to the temple today and got to go out for the first time and went to a little shopping strip, which was decently sketchy. I have the best teachers here and didn’t know it was possible to learn so much in such a short time. I’m sending letters home today because I’m not to good at this Email thing. Miss you all like crazy and thier are letters coming. Today is when everybody besides my district and one other left and went out into the field. The new batch of missionaries comes in tomorrow morning and it will be funny seeing the new nortes trying to learn Spanish. Oh ya a Norte is what they call us white kids. Rec time is fun, we play basketball and volleyball and its so its awesome playing basketball. All the Latinos call me Superman cause I’m, so good at basketball and sometimes I wear my glasses lol. Anyway, hope all is well and I’m sending letters home today. I’ll tell more in the letters since I’m not too good at this Email thing, tell the girls I’m sending them letters please. You’re in my prayers, which are all in Spanish by the way haha! Love you a bunch.

Love Elder McEntee


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