Week 95 Update!

Just some notes I jotted down during General Conference:

-Temple Work is the work of our Generation
-Sacrifice Softens the Heart
-Repentance is a privilege not a punishment
-As we lead, we grow, so take opportunities to lead
-Es una bendicion ser juzgado por nuestro Salvador (It is a blessing to be judged by our Savior)
-He is always reaching out to help and take us back into His Flock
-Trust in God ALWAYS
-The more light we receive, the more light we are eligible to get
-Another word for the day of the Second Coming is The Perfect Day
-Christ is the fountain of all the blessings we have ever received and all that we shall have yet to receive.
-Look to Him in every thought
-A disciple yearns to become like the person they follow

-As we work on improving one attribute weunconsciously improve others as well

-As we obtain virtue our reception to the Holy Ghost will immensely grow
-One is nothing without Charity
-We are CALLED to be disciples of Christ
-When God is close we feel peace in our hearts
-Disciple has much to do with DISCIPLINE
-That we may always stand firmly in the choir that sings the hymn of Redeeming Love
-We Smile
-The GPS in the car doesn’t get mad or yell at you when you make a wrong turn, rather in a kind voice says “Re-Calculating Route”
-If we don’t pray and study gospel every day we will freeze spiritually
-Nothing is worth losing the language of the gospel in our homes
-Vencer el mundo pasa cuando enfocamos en los de mas (To overcome the world happens when we focus on the ones of more)
-Overcoming the world is about humility and charity and not about getting praise from the world, its about worrying more about what God thinks than what others think
-Those that achieve the most in their lives are those that have a panoramic view of their lives
-If a Man be Meek
-Charity is above all
-Kindness the essence of eternal life
-It doesn’t matter where you serve as long as you are serving
-Bendito eres por ser enviado como Juan para preparar li via de JesuCristo (Blessed are you for being sent like John to prepare the way of Jesus Christ)
-Be Men of Action
-God does not want us to have fear, He has given us Spirits of Power
-Try to look at people as they can be, the best that is in them
-The hardest ones to love are usually the ones that need it the most
-The invitation to repent is also an invitation to receive the gifts of peace and forgiveness
-Procuran hacer la voluntad de Dios (They seek to do the will of God.)
Elder McEntee

Week 94 Update!

Survived another week, and I say survived because its pretty much a miracle the sun didn’t kill me this week it was so hot. I’ll start off talking about today because its the freshest in my mind. We got up and headed to a town over to meet up with some missionaries. There were about ten of us, perfect for a couple games of basketball and two hand touch football. After having played basketball for a while we took it to the field and literally on the first play of two hand touch football two of my good buddies ran into each other trying to tackle me and one of them broke there nose (funny thing was they were on the same team). He took it like a sport though and hes good now but his nose is gnarly looking.

Good week. We worked normally on Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Thursday I did divisions with Elder Barney (from Idaho) in my area, then Friday and Saturday and Sunday back with my companion and we finished the week strong.

I learned a lot this week, and have been enjoying digging deeper and becoming moreknowledgeable in a couple things. Which reminds me, I am so excited to hear General Conference this weekend, I always find myself coming away happy and edified. Its really such a blessing General Conference.

Til next week!

Elder McEntee

Week 93 Update!

Things are good here. Still getting along great with my companion and all. In fact Ive been teaching him how to play chess, but the thing is that after training him as a Jedi Master might train a young Padawan Learner he ended up beating me the other night….

The area is the same, Ive been here 5 months though so I’m a little bored, especially since I’m not speaking Kekchi as often as I used to. Upside though is that I can hold my own in Spanish.
Ive been having a good time, I’m happy to be serving here in Guatemala as always. The people are great, the food is simple (and strangely addicting), and the work is ever progressing.
“He descended below all things…that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth.”
DC 88:6
Elder McEntee

Week 92 Update!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an awesome week, cause I did! You know just another week in the Mission Guatemala Coban, the work of the Lord being out carried out daily. Its really been great working with the people we have here in the Libertad. We have a lot of less active members that have really been trying hard to strengthen their testimonies and go to church on a regular basis and its great to see that change in their hearts. We also have a couple investigators that have been showing real progress and are working towards their goal to be baptized. I think one of the best parts of being a missionary is seeing the change for the better in other peoples lives and that new light in their eyes. Its been a real privilege to be apart of this work and see the change not only in others lives but in my own as well. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Ill shout that to the ends of the earth for as long as I live because if there is one thing that I have come to better understand and appreciate it is everything that He really did do for me and all that He continues to do. I know that He knows me and loves me more than I can really even comprehend. I am dependent on Him and plan to be until that glorious day that I am received into the kingdom of my Celestial Father and given my inheritance, for all that I have is lent to me. SAM_6285 (1)

Til next week!
Elder McEntee

Week 91 Update!

Hey guys! Quick week and a bunch happened but I’m not going to go that much in to it this week. We just got back from a zone activity and we are exhausted. We went to some amazing Mayan Ruins today, ate a bunch of pizza, and then played basketball for like two hours in the stake building. We are sweaty and disgusting so we are trying to write fast and get back to the house to shower. Got a bunch of pictures though this week and you know you guys only get on my blog to see the pictures anyway I’m sure you wont be too disappointed with the lack of writing. Love you all, and thanks for keeping up.

We still don’t know when I’m coming home, May or April, we are waiting for an affirmation for either. Should know within a week and a half.
I know the Church is true without a doubt and could never deny it. I have a strong testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and of everything He did. I love this Gospel and am so happy to have the grand privilege to be out here sharing what I know and feel.

Week 90 Update!

This week was really fun and fulfilling!

One day my companion and I borrowed a thing called a bicitaxi which is basically a bike with a bench on the front. My comp and I rode it around all day to our appointments.

I did divisions again this week with Elder Zavala and we bought a spiderman pinata and burned one of his ties to celebrate his six month mark in the mission! It was pretty funny when it came to trying to break open the thing.

This weekend was great cause we ended it with two baptisms and it was just awesome to see two people that I’ve come to love so much to be dressed in white and enter that baptismal font.

We should have a couple baptisms more coming soon in the month of March.

After the baptisms there was a activity at the church with the youth. It was a water balloon fight! We got drenched and it was a blast.

Transfers went down this week. I’ll be staying in this area for my fourth transfer in a row. My companion didn’t have a change either, so we are happy to have another change together since we get along so great.

“And now, verily, verily, I say unto thee, put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good—yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously; and this is my Spirit.” DC 11:12

Week Update 89!

Highlights of the Week.

-Zone Meeting on Tuesday

-Divisions with Elder Zavala (from Arizona) on Friday in Sayaxche

-Taught basically equal amounts of Kekchi and Spanish this week

-Sunday a bunch of our investigators came to church, so we are all set with a couple baptisms coming up this weekend.

-This week will be the last of the transfer

Spiritual Thought- We have a plan to guide us in our lives. That eternal plan that was given to us before this life and that will bring us back to the presence of our Father in Heaven. During this mortal probation on earth, we will be tested with enticements and opposition in all things. But if we are obedient… we can attain eternal life.


Week 88 Update!

A couple weeks ago I was at a funeral. I overheard a family speaking Q’eqchi’. So I went over to them and wedged myself into the conversation with a classic “Ma sa’ leech’ool”. We started talking and joking around and afterwards they said they wanted me to come to there house one day! Their directions were vague but I was excited. So anyway, I finally found their house this week! I was kinda having a tough day before we had found it and so I got on my knees before leaving our house and just asked for pick-me-up/spirit booster cause I needed something. And no kiding the first house we contacted was their house! We sat down with them (a widow and her two kids) and began to chat and get to know them. It turns out that a year ago they had been taught by missonaries and on the day of their baptism the mom got sick and was put in the hospital for a couple months so they never got baptized and lost touch with the missionaries. So they have already been taught and prepared and by the time we left they had accepted the invitation to be baptized! So in these next couple weeks we will be helping them prepare themselves for this important step in their lives. It truely was a miracle from my perspective. I know without a doubt that one of God’s purposes for me here in this area was to find and teach this family. And if I had never learned Q’eqchi’ I would have never talked to them that day at the funeral. I was sent out of a q’eqchi area to find and baptize a q’eqchi’ family, what about that?

There was another miracle this week as well. Theres a girl, Ivonne. Shes part of a member family thats really cool. They feed us like twice a week. She hasnt yet been baptized because she is scared of being in water. We have been praying really hard for her because she really is such an amazing little girl and with the strongest testimony I think Ive ever seen in someone of her age. After some work with her and gaining her confidence she told me this week that she wants to be baptized on the 25th because she wants me to do it and I wont be in this area anymore come March.
I have really seen and felt many of my prayers answered this week.
More to week 88.
My companion taught me and a member how to make some food from Bolivia and so we cooked for the members family and it turned really tasty! It was pretty fun. They were surprised to see that I could hold my own in the kitchen setting haha.
Today one of the guys in my district taught us to play a game from the DR. Basically like baseball in the way that you have to swing and hit but instead of a bat you use a broom stick and instead of a ball you use the caps off of those big huge jugs of water. Then when we got tired of that Elder Zavala (from Arizona) and I took the competition to the basketball court in the center of town and played one on one in the intense heat of Sayaxche.
It was a great week and it passed me by like a 90mph fastball.
Love, Carter

Week 87 Update!

Its week 87 and I’m still alive, walking down the poor streets and adventuring through the divers jungles of Guatemala. Its great I love it and I feel so blessed to be apart of so many amazing miracles down here. So here’s 87 in a nutshell…

Still working hard as ever, we’ve actually got a lot going for us here now.

We are consistently working in a little town close to us called Las Cruces.

A bunch of less active members we have been working with came to church this week.

I have been learning so much more doctrine lately, like my whole mission before I was speaking Kekchi and there was never need to talk about more than just the basics because they are simple people and aren’t too preoccupied with deeper doctrine but being here in a Spanish area I’ve really had to learn a lot more about stuff like that, its pretty cool some of the things I’ve learned that I never knew before.

I keep studying Kekchi, I love the language too much not to continue.

Spanish is great, really fine tuning it out here as I get close to going home.

P Day today I got a bunch of missionaries together and we played basketball and some football which was really fun and it was nice too let loose after a week of work.

Spirtitual Thought…

“Love is of the very essence of life. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet it is more than the end of the rainbow. Love is at the beginning also, and from it springs the beauty that arches across the sky on a stormy day. Love is the security for which children weep, the yearning of youth, the adhesive that binds marriage, and the lubricant that prevents devastating friction in the home; it is the peace of old age, the sunlight of hope shining through death. How rich are those who enjoy it in their associations with family, friends, church, and neighbors.”

—Gordon B. Hinckley

Week 86 Update!

This week:

-Divisions in Sayaxche with Elder Zavala (from Arizona)
-District Meeting as always
-We have a new family progressing to soon enough be baptized
-Worked with a bunch of Less-Active Members that came to church this week
-Experienced strong testimony builders of the Restoration
-Lots of laughing and Joke telling with my companion E. Balboa
-Thinking really hard about learning French and Portuguese when I get home
-P-Day activity today with the district, we saw Mayan Ruins, got lost in the jungle and saw wild monkeys in the trees howling above us (they sounded like Dinosours they were so loud). It was fun today, exhausting from walking hours lost in the jungle (literally) but fun nonetheless.